Rachel Schultz is one of the many women that inspires us to create authentically and to create often. We got to chat with her for the latest issue of BEIGE Magazine, where we discussed her artistic process, entrepreneurial endeavors, and how to better support small artists like herself. Grab your physical copy of Issue 2 or catch a sneak peek below to read more on the inspiring Rachel Schultz.


New York City based artist, Rachel Schultz, is a woman of many talents. She’s a soon to be mother of two, a stylist/creative/marketing assistant, a social entrepreneur, and an artist of many mediums. While this multifaceted work-life balance is very much New York City, Schultz’s ability to move with the ebb and flow is as impressive as it is inspiring. She’s a busy woman that truly can do it all while managing to look fashionable and even more so effortless.

You are a busy woman – Wife, Mother, Artist, Creative Associate & Social entrepreneur. How do you find time to do it all?

Yes, it is definitely a busy and at times chaotic life! That being said, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Every single thing I work on from my art to my small social enterprise to motherhood are deeply connected to who I am, my passions and goals, so it’s easy to stay motivated. I have tried to fit into the traditional mold - going to an office and working on one thing then going home and doing it all over again - but it took the joy and life from me. I have always loved and felt at home in chaos, multitudes, a sort of collaged life. I enjoy connecting seemingly unrelated concepts, events, objects and making sense of it all- discovering the big picture. I think this is why at my most foundational level I am a “multi-hyphenate” person. I always dread the infamous question from strangers or new acquaintances: “What do you do?”. Not because I don’t wholeheartedly love and believe in everything I work on but so many people are confused when I don’t have a simple one-word answer. This is probably the only time I’m envious of those working strictly in one arena and their easy fluid reply of, “I’m a nurse”.

What are some ways we could better support artists like you outside of purchasing their work?

There are SO many ways to support an artist outside of buying their work. In no particular order: share their work with your network, connect them with people you know that work in their industry- whether a collaboration evolves or not simply connecting with others is helpful, moral support- a kind word goes a long way, and of course show your support by attending exhibitions, performances, readings, etc…

Read our full interview with Rachel Schultz in the latest issue of BEIGE Magazine. Grab a copy here.

Photography: Caylon Hackwith

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