Established in 2015, BEIGE began as a small brick + mortar store in Little Rock, Arkansas. Founder and Creative Director, Ashley Peeples, wanted to offer a space where locals could shop timeless pieces without sacrificing quality or style. Since its advent, BEIGE launched its online shop + mobile app, expanded its collection by offering home goods + decor, and produced its first physical archive, BEIGE Magazine. (Click here for Issue 1 and Issue 2)

The BEIGE showroom stocks a neutral palette of ready-to-wear pieces from unique designers all around the globe. Each BEIGE brand has distinctive ethical and sustainable practices in place from material sourcing to production and distribution. Seasonal collections are offered in limited quantities to avoid overproduction that causes environmental waste.

As a small, independent women owned + operated business, we want each guest to feel comfortable browsing in an inviting and uncomplicated environment. “Having less distractions and clutter allows you to focus and make more intentional purchases,” says Ashley. The mission of ‘Slow Fashion’ has garnered BEIGE a local and national following of fashion lovers who value Quality over Quantity.


“Over the past six years, Peeples developed the BEIGE brand with laserlike focus, which she describes now as more of a lifestyle. With sustainability and ethical manufacturing at the forefront of the store’s mission, BEIGE has carved out a niche for carrying timeless women’s fashions that focus on quality over quantity.” - Malina Tabor with Little Rock Soirée
“Take one look at the muted and tonal Instagram and you will see why Beige & Raie were a match made in heaven. Filled with our favourite sustainable brands, we can’t go past Beige’s aesthetic.” - Gemma Lyndon with Raie Eyewear
“At BEIGE, they believe your wardrobe should work for you, not the other way around. A simple and effortless aesthetic means you spend less time in your closet and more time going places. Their goal is to provide beautiful, functional clothing for the person who values a sustainable wardrobe.”

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