The Range founders, Brittney & Mia Rothweiler, are currently on one of their epic coast-to-coast road trips (you can follow along on their Insta). In 2017, the sisters actually created the brand while on a similar adventure. We discuss all the details of that trip plus their childhood and sisterly dynamic in BEIGE Magazine Issue 2. 


Spending most of their time in the typical fashion bubbles of New York and LA, Brittney and Mia decided they needed to see what the rest of the country was wearing. They jumped in the car and traveled across the U.S. stopping in smaller cities along the way and seeking out independent retailers that could align with The Range. Together they have built a brand that is now commonly seen on celebs, but this powerhouse company all started on backroads.

It can’t be a coincidence that you both ended up in fashion. Who fueled your love for fashion?

Brittney: Our mom had great style and we actually grew up in the ballroom dance industry. Our parents owned ballroom dance studios and we grew up around glamorous dresses. I remember always sketching dresses and wanting to design them. We were always around fashion and seeing people express themselves through fashion.

Mia: Our dad too. He loved to dress up, and they were in a world where they could dress up. I think we definitely were influenced by them.


J.Lo famously wore The Range when premiering a new song on Instagram. I know that was a big moment for the brand. Who else are you dying to see wear The Range?

Brittney: We love Kate Moss- that would be a dream. We’ve had Sienna Miller and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley wear it, and they are two of our favorites. I’m loving Hailey Beiber’s style right now so to have something on her would be very cool.

Read our full interview with The Range sisters & founders in the latest issue of BEIGE Magazine. Grab a copy here.

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