Be Your Own Valentine

Be Your Own Valentine

Valentine's Day. Has it become overrated, uneventful, and repetitive? Maybe. But we don't think it has to be. And we definitely don't think you have to have a significant other to celebrate the holiday.

Our thoughts on the matter: we say don’t focus so much on the flowers, chocolate, and romance. Instead, focus on self-love and relationship awareness. Being intentional in life and with our relationships is more worth celebrating - whether that be with friends, family, or romantic relationships. 

This Valentine’s Day, I encourage you to focus on appreciating the place you are in and the people that are in your life. Instead of spending the holiday focusing on what you can get out of it, spend it appreciating yourself and the person you’ve become, where you’ve been, the trials you’ve gone through, and the things you’ve learned. And if you are in a relationship, appreciate the person you are with and their progress. Look at things for what they are. In the present moment. No filters on.

Evaluate. Appreciate. And hold on to the moment.

Spend the holiday appreciating the progress. Whether it’s relational or personal. The progress is worth savoring.

And while you’re your own chocolates this year. You deserve it. 

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