Catching up with Devynne

Catching up with Devynne

One of my favorite things about working in the fashion industry is getting the opportunity to meet new people. Their stories often resonate with me. Our style inspiration segment has offered just the right outlet to get to know the people that are inspiring us locally, as well as introducing them to our readers. A while back, we met up with our good friend Devynne Diaz to get her take on style, motivation, and how she is drawing inspiration currently. We have collaborated with Devynne in the past for a blog segment, but more recently she was featured in our lastest lookbook Edition V for the denim guide. We were excited to catch up with her again for an update! 

Currently, Devynne is in school at the University of Arkansas where she is double majoring in Journalism and Psychology. As if being a double major wasn't time consuming enough, Devynne is also the social media/marketing intern for Fayetteville based brand Love Zelda


As we do with our style segments, we asked Devynne to style herself from the Beige closet for an impromptu photoshoot. We are excited to show you how it turned out! (Scroll to the bottom for a style guide of Devynne's selects.)


HJ: What is some advice you would give to your everyday girl boss?

DD: To always put yourself around other women and people that are going to build you up and empower you, and help guide you down the path that’s actually best for you.

HJ: What has been your favorite thing about working in the fashion industry?

DD: My favorite thing is meeting new people in the industry. I feel like everyone is so cool and creative. Most of them are really comfortable in their own skin, and it encourages me to be the same. It definitely makes me feel stronger in my identity, because all people in this industry are so strong in theirs.

HJ: How do you pull inspiration for fashion?

DD: I draw inspiration from the people around me, music, music videos, Instagram, Tumblr, and Pinterest. Just following other brands that I love, following retail stores, photographers, and vintage clothing. I honestly pull from everything around me. I definitely stick to my go to’s - which is denim, leather, and a white tee. Just those key basics, and maybe throwing in something else that’s a little different, or not necessarily within that realm.

HJ: What are some of your favorite influencers that you’re following right now?

DD: I love Emily Oberg. (@emilyelaineoberg) She used to work for Complex, but now she has her own brand and creative consulting agency called Sporty and Rich, basically she balances a lot. She’s kinda a tomboy boss, but she has this femininity to her as well. She will find vintage Manolos, but then still wear her Nike air maxes. And that’s just me - right up my alley. She’s amazing.

HJ: So the outfits that you picked for our shoot - what made you choose those specific pieces?

DD: The first outfit was the Veda leather jacket, the Alexander Wang long sleeve pullover, paired with the Mother Flirt Fray denim jeans, and the Vince Monastir combat boots. I picked that outfit because I feel like that was the definition of me. If I were to pick an outfit to hang out with my friends, go out for the day or even at night - that outfit is one I could just live in and it be a representation of me. The second outfit was the Vince Bray Velvet slipper, the Jenni Kayne slim trouser, the Anine Bing silk cami, and the Viktoria + Woods cardigan. That outfit is something I would put together to be chic and just more feminine - but I still have my trousers on. I don’t prefer to wear skirts or anything. In this outfit, I feel like I’m still elevating the outfit, but maintaining the comfort with the cardigan and the trousers. 

HJ: What style advice would you give?

DD: Wear what feels comfortable to you - you don’t have to follow the trends just because they are what’s in. If it doesn’t align with something you would have in your closet, you shouldn’t necessarily jump to be on the bandwagon with everybody else. But also, it’s important to have those staple go-to pieces that stand out - whether it be an awesome jacket, dress, or pair of shoes - as long as it’s something that you just absolutely love. And don’t always go for the bargain necessarily. I think that with the unique pieces that you have, you should probably go quality over quantity with those.


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