A Little Change Goes A Long Way

A Little Change Goes A Long Way

Last December, I wrote a post about establishing a mindset to accomplish your goals in 2018. We decided that it is a little unrealistic to expect total behavior changes if we aren't setting up stepping stones first. We suggested breaking your goals down into smaller more attainable goals and then working from there. 

It's already February and we say it's time to put in the work. Every year, everyone decides to get healthy, cook cleaner, go to the gym, and eventually fit into those jeans that you can't bear to throw away. Well we are right there with you. However, we say let's start small. After all, being healthy is more than just changing your physical appearance. It's about treating your body with respect and giving it the love it deserves. 

At the office, we all look to Ashley when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle. She's all about balance, but consistency is key when it comes to your health. It's okay to get your toes wet before fully diving in - after all a little change goes a long way. Personally, it's easier for me to adapt certain recipes to my diet when they taste great and I can see the results more immediately. This is where Ashley got us all on the bandwagon. Every treat she would bring into the office was not only delicious, but a great replacement to what we would normally be consuming. I decided I needed a one-on-one tutorial session to show me (and our readers) what her 3 favorite easy recipes are, and how I can implement them into my daily routine. After all we are talking baby steps right? So of course we start with healthy snacks.


She starts her day off with a protein smoothie, pre-made chia pudding for a mid-day snack, and then around 4p.m. it's time for a caffeine pick me up with a matcha latte. These recipes take no longer that 10 minutes, and are sure to have your taste buds and body thanking you.

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