Will You Help Us Carry This?

Will You Help Us Carry This?

“None of us can do it alone. Will you help us carry this?” This is the coined phrase of missional luxury brand, Whitby. Most of us can agree that we are blessed. Blessed to have freedom, the opportunity of education, and with the opportunity to be anything we want to be. (With hard work and dedication, of course.) However, there are many in underdeveloped countries who aren’t - especially women. These women are exploited sexually, forced into child marriage, and required to work under extreme labor conditions. Whitby is taking a stand. This luxury handbag line is existing to prevent the exploitation of girls and ensure that they are able to thrive through the opportunity of education.


Whitby handbags are not only beautiful in design but in purpose. They are intricately made and developed in a family owned and operated facility in New York City. The products are made of high-quality fair trade leather, and the interior of the bags feature custom linings - printed with the artwork of the girls in their program. Fifteen percent of each bag sold is contributed to their nonprofit partners. They believe in a fair price for luxury goods that give back in a big way, so there is no markup. The cost of the bag is the cost of production, donations, and operations.

Founder and designer of Whitby, Britt Adams, seeks to reach a new demographic of women who might not already be engaged in the conversation around modern slavery. Adams encourages women to think differently about activism by incorporating awareness in their everyday lives – the clothing they wear, the products they buy, and the conversations they have.

We are so excited to be partnering with Whitby for a pop-up shop. The event will be held on Saturday September 30 from 5-7pm at BEIGE. Adams will be speaking at the World Woman Summit that day, and holding her meet and greet here after. We will also be offering a giveaway featuring the Whitby Maryama Clutch (must be present to win). We look forward to seeing everyone here and inviting them to carry justice with us! 


Check out this video to learn more about Whitby! 

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