Beauty by Alexis - What I'm Using

Beauty by Alexis - What I'm Using

Last week, I introduced you all to the remarkable new beauty brand we’ve brought in, Grown Alchemist. Now that I’ve had a couple of weeks to test out their products, I have a few favorites that I’m adding to my daily regimen - the Balancing Toner and Hydra-Repair Day Cream.

I use these two products in my morning and bedtime routine. After washing my face, I use the Balancing Toner and then apply the Hydra-Repair Day Cream.

The Balancing Toner is so refreshing. Normally toners dry out my skin because of the amount of alcohol in them, however this toner uses all natural herbal products such as olive and chamomile extracts. After applying the toner, I administer a good amount of the Hydra-Repair Day Cream to my face and neck area. It goes on great and really absorbs into the skin, making it a perfect primer before foundation. For more natural coverage, I always recommend using a moisturizer instead of an actual makeup primer. This helps your foundation melt into the skin for that natural look. (I learned this tip from Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic.) If you aren't one for wearing foundation, you can always mix a little moisturizer with a dab of foundation and make your own BB Cream for a nice sheer coverage. I used this trick yesterday morning when I was running late for work and only had 5 minutes to perform my normal makeup routine, it gave my skin the extra boost that it needed while giving me the coverage I needed as well.

When moisturizing, it is important that you do not forget about the neck! It will show signs of aging before other parts of your body will, so you really don’t want to skip it. One of my tips is to rub it into your face and neck in a circular motion for about 2-3 minutes before makeup application and/or before bed, which will leave you with gorgeous, dewy skin by morning.   

You can never start too early getting into the habit of a good skincare regimen. However, it's not just about having great products. Major factors in this process include taking vitamins regularly, as well as making sure to stay hydrated. Also, consistency is key. Maintaining your routine day and night will keep you on track to having the best skin of your life! Stay on the lookout for our next beauty post about which vitamins I love and beauty tricks I always rely on.

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