For our second issue of BEIGE Magazine, we had the chance to interview one of our most beloved designers and biggest inspirations, Anine Bing. Read below for a sneak peek of the interview –

With her blunt blonde hair and modelesque stature, Anine Bing might appear like another LA it-girl, but the distinguished designer is a self-made fashion mogul. She was introduced to the fashion industry through modeling at age 15 and shortly after started ‘Anine’s World’- a personal style blog with fashion how-tos and tips. Following a successful online closet sale and the realization of her wide-spread style influence, Anine and husband/business partner, Nicolai, launched the namesake line together in 2012 from their garage. Now close to a decade later, the fashion powerhouse has over 10 storefronts around the world and is offered at many specialty stores.

anine bing off duty

It must be exciting when you spot a stranger in Anine Bing. Any memorable moments?

It’s always SO exciting for me, it truly never gets old. My most fond recent memory was when we had just opened our Sydney store last year. I sat down for dinner after the opening event and the woman next to me was wearing an ANINE BING t-shirt. It was so exciting to see someone wearing the brand in a new market, and I loved being able to chat with and connect to her about the brand!

In 2019, the brand launched a capsule with world renowned photographer Terry O’Neill. Being a big fan of his, what was that like for you?

It was such a dream come true for me and the brand. He was such an iconic photographer and exuded creativity. His images have been on my moodboards for years, so to be able to incorporate them into my designs was a full 360 moment for me.

Read our full interview with Anine Bing in the latest issue of BEIGE Magazine. Grab your copy here.

Photography: ANINE BING