Meet Our Model : Megan

Time to meet some of our gorgeous BEIGE models! We've been so impressed with how unique each of them are on and off the camera, we want to give them the opportunity to share that with you guys. This week, meet Megan!

Meet Our Model Megan

So, tell us a little about yourself.
I'm an Arkansas native with two sweet children, Brighton and Jett. I enjoy modeling when the opportunity arises, cooking vegetables and traveling often.
I'm the class mom, a former pageant queen and an aspiring beekeeper.
Where are you from?
I'm a Little Rock transplant, originally from Hot Springs.
What do you do outside of modeling?
Outside of modeling, I spend most of my time with family and chasing my bambinos around the city.
What inspires you?
I am inspired by the thought of a better tomorrow. Breaking negative cycles in any aspect of life can make a difference for the future to come. The effort could be something as small as recycling in your home, or as large as making a difference in our government. Everything helps!
 Describe your personal style in one sentence.
I like to merge current trends with classic staples.
What are three clothing items/accessories you couldn't live without?
1) a fresh white shirt2) my great grandmother's velvet choker which is engraved on the clasp with the initials we share3) my fun piece, a mood ring from a recent trip to New Orleans.. watch out for when dark navy arrises!
If you could go anywhere, where would you go?
Aspen in Summer.
Favorite thing you've ever ordered off a restaurant menu?
The Crème Brûlée from The Little Nell in Aspen.
Song you're currently playing on repeat.
"You're Gonna Live Forever in Me" from the first half of John Mayer's new album.
Meet Our Model - Megan
What are you passionate about?
Raising kind, successful children through example.
Go-to beverage?
Brut Champagne (bring on the cheese tray) 
What's one thing you'd never wear?
Anything with a licensed character on it. *shivers*
What is your favorite item from the shoot with BEIGE?
The Aquarius Boyfriend Cardi by Viktoria & Woods. I could live in the softness and loved the versatility you could have when dressing it up or down.
What is your favorite part about modeling?
The people! I love meeting all of the different creative minds and hands that come together to create this magic. It takes a village!See more of Megan on our Instagram @beige_lr
Meet Our Model - Megan