Get Fit with BEIGE

Get Fit with BEIGE

It's 6 months into the year, and resolutions to be healthy have been a struggle. Despite our best efforts to eat healthy and occasionally go to the gym - it just wasn't cutting it. We've decided it's time to ditch the resolutions and opt for a day-to-day lifestyle change. Introducing our new series --- get fit with BEIGE.

To keep us accountable, we are all joining the effort. We want to share the tips, tricks, workouts, and recipes we learn with you guys! We will definitely still have cheat days where we order Big Orange or get fudge from Kilwins, but for the most part out kitchens will be stocked with healthy options.

We've also partnered up with IM=X Pilates on this venture, and have started carrying an athletic line with them - KORAL. And to be honest, the products are amazing! Super comfortable and great design. Look good, feel good right? Our team decided to have private sesh with owner, Emily Allen, and it kicked our butt. Most of us had never taken an IM=X class before, so the thought of lying down to work-out sounded very appealing. But it was by no means easy at all!

IM=X is pilates re-choreographed for quicker results! It is a cross-conditioning system that includes signature moves combined with pilates exercises for more resistance and cardio training. Some sessions are completely on the Xercizer (reformer) while others incorporate, mat, tower, cycling, jog squares, body bars, weights, barre.

For our workout, Emily started us with the signature "basic" workout - which was challenging to say the least; but we loved it and can't wait to go back! We left the class feeling refreshed, relaxed, and energized - the perfect start to looking and feeling our best.

Stay tuned for more updates on our journey, because a journey it will be! (lol) If you muster up the courage to join us - let us know! We can get fit together. Stop by IM=X and check out the latest styles from KORAL! Promise you won't regret it. 



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