Closet Organization 101

Cleaning and organizing your closet can be an intimidating task, but refreshing your wardrobe each season will save you time and energy while getting dressed. Here are the steps and tips I use that help me stay on task to get the job done quickly.

Closet Organization 101

  • To begin, I remove everything from my closet and group them into categories (tops, bottoms, dresses, jeans, etc.) in my bedroom.
  • After my closet is empty, I do a quick cleaning and remove any dust from my shelves. If any hangers are damaged I will switch them out now- I prefer wooden hangers for their durability, but felt hangers are also a good option.
  • Now it’s time to organize and put the pieces back in their space. I start with a single grouping and slowly add the items that I love to wear and feel confident in, back into my closet. If there is something that I’m not sure about I will set it aside for later review.
  • While adding garments back to their rack, I like to sort them by color and type. I have a section for neutrals, one for blacks, and a section for denim and tees.
  • Knits should always be folded and placed on a shelf/flat surface to maintain their shape. I use the Wool and Cashmere Spray to keep the fabrics conditioned throughout the year.
  • It isn’t necessary or environmentally friendly to wash denim with each wear, so I spray them down with The Laundress Fabric Refresh Spray in-between washes and hang them to remove wrinkles.
  • When it comes to hat storage, I like to hang mine on hooks. If you don’t have the wall space, storing them upside down to protect the rim is equally good.
  • Once I feel that I have a good assortment of things that I love and wear consistently, I access what is leftover in my room. Anything that is ill fitting or has outgrown my current phase of life goes into a donation pile. Items that are badly damaged will go into a recycling pile.

closet organization

Putting together outfits should be fun and easy; A well thought out closet can help inspire new ways to wear your favorite pieces while also making your daily routine a breeze. I hope these tips will help you keep your wardrobe organized and your investment pieces in their best shape for a lifetime of love and wear.

xx, Ashley