Introducing St. Rose

Introducing St. Rose

Intentional in philosophy, St. Rose develops timeless luxury scents that create meaningful personal rituals. St. Rose perfumes are handcrafted in New York and perfectly combine high-end design with eco-friendly packaging. Each genderless fragrance is crafted with clean, safe, and sustainably sourced ingredients- all to inspire a deeper connection with the mind, body, soul, and mother earth.


This faceted fragrance offers an addictive duality to its androgynous allure. A slightly nostalgic yet timeless classic with a sparkling bright citrus top carried with an ozonic wave that deepens to a mysterious rich wood base.

St Rose Circa 91



In 1802 Thomas Peters (St. Rose founder's British ancestor) was convicted of grand larceny and sentenced to death for stealing a dozen silver spoons. As luck would have it, his sentence was pardoned to "punishment by transportation" securing his seat alongside fellow British rogues aboard the HMS Calcutta bound for the distant land of Australia. From convict to colonist, a new world awaited for the brazen that survived the journey. 

Inspired by the tomfoolery of our distant relative and the chance twist of fate that lead to his good fortune, this intoxicating fragrance marries our signature Australian sandalwood with a flora-woods bouquet full of intrigue. A fragrance that celebrates the rule breakers and rebels, those that defy the status quo. 

grand larceny



Music up, windows down and no fixed destination in mind. Roaming where the sun leads and pausing only for a spiritual sojourn beneath wide open skies. This warm Soulful Woods is a quietly addictive scent, both sacred and sensual. A fitting companion for the heart of a wanderer.


Desert Nomad


Soft and innocent, until applied. A white bouquet with warm notes of fragrant orange blossom that evolves into an addictive and intoxicating fragrance as it warms on the skin to create something entirely personal, completely your own. 





This spiced woods eau de parfum opens with an arresting, almost combative rose bouquet not for the faint of heart. Reminiscent of the mystery and allure the explorers of the Silk Road would have experienced. The contrast of these ancient elements plays off one another into a scent that unfolds into a hypnotic smolder.








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