Finding Your Signature Scent

Finding your signature fragrance

A personal uniform isn’t complete without a signature scent. Fragrances are a distinctive thing that can be connected to certain memories, specific places, or a special person; They evoke emotions all within a simple spritz and make for the perfect accessory to finish your outfit.  Your fragrance profile should capture the essence of your personality and aesthetic. Whether you prefer a masculine scent, something sweet, or layering multiple fragrances together to make it uniquely yours, having a go-to fragrance is a vital part of the getting ready process. Below we’ve created a guide to finding your signature BEIGE scent based on your style profile. 

No. 02 Le Long Fond

No. 02 Le Long Fond

This is for the French style connoisseur who prefers practicality over trends any day. Their outfits are always nonchalantly put-together and look comfortable without ever trying too hard. Since Spring and Fall are their favorites seasons they prefer to wear this No. 02 Le Long Fond Eau de Parfum because it offers a subtly soft, warm side with notes like white musk and hinoki wood. Wear yours with the check wrap jacket and lounge pants. 

Bring No.02 into your home and on travels with these products:

Perfume Oil (roll-on) / Candle / Body & Hand Lotion / Body & Hand Wash

Mondo Mondo Cowboy and Doll perfume

Cowboy & Doll

An unexpected pairing for the person who is uniquely themselves. Cowboy gives masculine notes of leather and coffee with refreshing hints of honeysuckle and green grass. Doll gives notes of Bulgarian rose, rose de mai, saffron, and musk for a flirty, feminine feel. The free-spirited individual should fuse these two perfumes together for voguish laid-back edge. Wear yours with the Re/Done 90’s jean and silk cami.

Also available in:

Cowboy Perfume Oil (roll-on)Doll Perfume Oil (roll-on)

No. 04 Bois de Balincourt Eau de Parfum

No. 04 Bois de Balincourt

For the monochromatic minimalist. This cult favorite has notes of sandalwood, nutmeg, and amber that flow perfectly with your clean cut style and how you pay special attention to all of the details. Made for the person who is uncomplicated but also favors elegant silhouettes and high-quality fabrics over fast-fashion and fussy fads. Wear yours with the beige rib tank dress and leather bangle cuff.

Bring No.04 into your home and on travels with these products:

Perfume oil (roll-on)CandleBody & Hand LotionBody & Hand WashBody Oil

Mondo Mondo The center of the world perfume

The Center of the World

The Center of the World is for the individual who is daring and ethereal. To them, fragrances are a sacred treasure that offer a glimpse into the spiritual dimension. Their wardrobe is just as eccentric as their personality- so they need a scent to match it. With notes of sandalwood, musk, and sage, this Mondo Mondo perfume is made up of a handful of mysterious scents that you can’t quite grasp, but that have you wanting to know more. Wear yours with the Nanushka Zebra print dress.

Also available in:

The Center of the World Perfume Oil (roll-on)

No. 09 Vallee de farney eau de parfum

No. 09 Vallée de Farney

If your wardrobe consists mainly of white button-ups, jeans, and black everything else, No. 09 was made for you. Just like a crisp white shirt, this perfume is timeless. Notes of amber, musk, and cedarwood are simple yet sweet. Notes of grapefruit, orange, and black pepper offer a freshness that is classic and easy to carry from season to season. Wear yours with the white fitted shirt and round gold hoops.

Bring No.09 into your home and on travels with these products:

Perfume Oil (roll-on)CandleBody & Hand LotionBody & Hand Wash

Mondo Mondo Hysteria Perfume


This scent was made for the warm weather enthusiast. They have a love for all things Summer- shorts, sunhats, tank tops, and best of all- a tan! Notes of sunscreen, palo santo, coconut, and jasmine act as a warm welcoming for this friendly face, no matter the season. Their mentality on life (and getting dressed) is that less is always more. Wear yours with the Re/Done short, natural straw hat, and a pair of Chimi shades.

Also available in:

Hysteria Perfume Oil (roll-on)

You can browse the full Maison Louis Marie collection here & the full Mondo Mondo collection here. Happy spritzing!

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