BEIGE Active Wear: KORAL

BEIGE Active Wear: KORAL

If you haven't heard, the BEIGE team has decided to get healthy. Not to just fit into those smaller sizes, but to genuinely look and feel our best. We want to treat our bodies with the love and respect they deserve. Which if you are anything like us - that's far from second nature. To share our journey with you, we've started the Get Fit with BEIGE series featuring workouts, recipes, inspiration, and more. Check out our last blog post,  Get Fit with BEIGE, to learn a little bit more about our inspiration.

As much as we hate to admit it, we live in a fast pace world where we expect instant results and immediate gratification. Now if you know anything about getting healthy, the words instant and immediate don't exactly fit the description. The journey to a healthier life takes hard work and dedication. And yes, that applies in the gym. Especially in the gym. If you're anything like me, I'll hit the gym hard for a couple of weeks and get discouraged when I don't see the results I want immediately. Which is why we feel it's just as important to look good while you work out. If you look good - you'll feel good. Especially if those inches take a little bit longer to melt off. SO we decided to find the perfect active wear to motivate us to get in the gym. After all, if you buy clothes for the gym you have to go - right? 

Meet KORAL. We are obsessed. Not only is the line perfect for those grueling workouts, but the design is very fashion forward and the price point beats a lot of brands that you see frequently at the gym. Who doesn't want to be a trendsetter too? KORAL is an Australian line that unifies fashion forward pieces and the healthy lifestyle. They describe themselves as:

Fashion. Forward.

We create premium activewear that is driven by fashion, engineered with luxurious fabrics from around the world, and designed to push and empower active individuals to live, look, and feel their best. Koral Activewear stretches the imagination to stretch across your active life.

We decided to have a shoot to showcase our new brand that we love so much. We hope you fall in love with these pieces as much as we have!

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