What Are You Carrying This Season?

What Are You Carrying This Season?

Whether you’re a seasoned traveler who spends your summer abroad, or you’re a business woman who is all work and little play - having the right bag for your life is essential. Your bag holds the keys to your life (literally), so it must fit you well. This is an element of your wardrobe where function and form must meet your lifestyle for you to be happy with your purchase. 

Lucky for you guys, the BEIGE closet is full of a variety of handbags that are sure to accommodate all needs. Of course we have stuck with simple high quality items, but that is just because we have your best interest at heart. The last thing we want is for you to invest in an expensive item that is a hot trend right now, only to toss it out a couple months later once the fad is gone. Or even worse, invest time and money into a bag that is lacking in quality - only for it to fall apart the moment you fall in love with it. We believe that you can still be the most fashionable person wherever you're at while still making wise choices for your closet. The handbags you buy are no exception! 

So let me introduce you to a few of our current favorites! 



T H E  F L A T  T O T E

The Baggu Flat Tote is perfect for the commuter. Whether you live out of your office or you're finishing up your degree, the flat tote is just the right bag to hold all of your daily necessities. (MacBook approved!) 



T H E  C A N T E E N  B A G

The Sancia Luciella Canteen bag is a very popular item on the market right now, but not to worry this bag is a safe buy. Its high grade leather quality gives it a classic feel which makes it more sustainable for your wardrobe. This bag serves its purpose in both form and function while being a statement piece that's easy for everyday use. It's just the right size for your cell, wallet, keys, and any item you can't live without. 


T H E  M I N I  H A N D B A G

The Sancia Paris Mini Handbag is the ideal subtle statement piece. Its sleek style compliments any outfit no matter the occasion - plus, its removable strap gives you the option to carry it as a clutch. This bag is perfect for the gal who doesn't need anything but the minimum - her cell, card, and keys. 


S T R A W  B A G S

Loeffler Randall gives us two straw options if you want to bring a warm element to your Summer style. The Travel Tote can be used as your go-to this season for the times when you need to carry more than just necessities, or use it as your beach bag on your next vacay! The Tassel Pouch is perfect for any outdoor occasion (wedding season anyone?) or just when you want to travel light! It will hold your cell, wallet, keys, and any on-the-go makeup you may need with ease. 


T H E  M I N I  B A C K P A C K

The Baggu Mini Backpack is one of my personal favorites in the BEIGE closet. Its size and minimal characteristics  make it suitable for any person and any style. The leather quality ensures that this bag will not only withstand the test of time, but compliment your wardrobe through multiple seasons. 

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