Wardrobe Investments

Wardrobe Investments

We live in a time where bloggers and mass market retailers are rapidly changing trends. Fast fashion retailers are able to use cheap labor and synthetic materials to quickly turn around seasonal trends as soon as they hit the runway. Because of this, we are living in a world of immediate demand that is causing a negative impact on our environment, bank accounts and making us loose sense of how to dress for our lifestyles.

Not everyone has the time, money, or desire to keep up with fast fashion. This is why it is important to invest in your core wardrobe and play around with less expensive accessories.

The easiest way to reconnect with your personal style is to close your eyes and visualize your perfect, normal day. What are you wearing? What do the fabrics feel like? I do this often when I need to center my thoughts. Think of it as a style mindful meditation.

What you visualize yourself in are the items worth your investment. You will never regret purchasing quality items like a cashmere sweater, the perfect fitting jeans or a leather jacket. These are items that that have longevity and with proper care, can last a lifetime.

Citizens of Humanity


Larsen & Lund

Lauren Manoogian

Here are a few of pieces that I personally love and wear on repeat:

1. Citizens of Humanity Charlotte Jeans- I have to admit, it does take time to get used to wearing a rigid denim, but a 100% cotton jean lasts much longer than a stretchier fabric. I love this pair because of the vintage, straight fit and button fly.

2. Baldwin Tee- This tee has the structure of a man’s tee but tailored to a woman’s body. Baldwin is known for their soft, luxurious fabrics. I layer this tee with all of my blazers!

3. VEDA Leather Jacket- The VEDA ladies know their leather and this piece is a no-brainer. This motorcycle jacket has proven to have longevity and has been a wardrobe staple for decades.

4. Nanushka Wrap Dress- Putting this dress on instantly makes me feel polished. It needs no accessories but if I felt inclined, I would throw on the Wolf Circus Lotti earrings.

5. Loeffler Randall Juno Heel- The feminine shape of this shoe is flattering on everyone. I opt for a smart kitten heel when I need a day to night shoe.

6. Lauren Manoogian Fisherwoman Pullover- I wore this chunky alpaca sweater all winter long. The flattering color goes with everything.

7. Larson & Lund Handbag- One of my favorite bags designed by LA based artist Lindsey Mortensen. The strap pulls through a loop so that you can wear this mini bag over the shoulder or carry as a tote. I especially love this bag when I travel because of the packable size, zippered closure (for security purposes) and multiple carrying option.

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