NYC: Our Favorite Eats

NYC: Our Favorite Eats

BEIGE market trips are some of our favorite times of the year. It's a chance for us to get outside of the office and get some city life in our veins. While our schedules stay packed with everything from showroom meetings to brand research, we definitely make time to play after a long day of work. And our choice of play is exhilarating our taste buds by visiting our favorite eateries around the city. If I’m being honest, one of the first things we do when making our schedule is block out times for our reservations. We have all been really trying to buckle down and stick to our health regimens, but for this trip we allow ourselves to splurge a little bit. We all have a slightly different lens that we see Manhattan from, so it's been fun sharing out perspective of the city with one another. (Especially if it involves food and drink!)






1) The Butcher's Daughter

The Butcher's Daughter is Ashley's personal fave, and after she introduced me to it - it may be mine too. It's a plant-based restaurant, cafe, juice bar and as they describe themselves a “vegetable slaughterhouse." They say they treat fruits and vegetables as a butcher would meat: They chop, fillet and carve fresh produce into healthy vegetarian dishes and press them into pretty juices. Ashley and I went for brunch (more than once) and if you go one time you'll understand why. The restaurant itself is a photographer's heaven, and the entrées are just as visually compelling. We chose the avocado toast (on gluten free bread of course) and a fresh pressed beet juice to start our day. Check out a few of our pics for mouthwatering goodness, and if you're ever in the area of one of their 3 locations (Nolita, West Village, or Venice Beach) you must check it out! 



2) Beauty & Essex


Beauty & Essex was my first favorite find in New York, and any time I'm in the city I have to make a trip even if just for some light fare. When first entering B&E it appears that you are walking into a small vintage pawn shop, but if you glance around at the oversize doorman or the lady at the counter - you'll rightfully get the feeling there's something just underneath the surface. Through the pawn shop is a door that leads into a beautiful restaurant with a vibe that changes depending on what day you're there, but it is always a good time. They are a tapas restaurant so the idea is to get food to share, but if you're anything like me after one taste of the grilled cheese tomato soup dumplings (my fave) you won't want to. There are so many dynamics to this speakeasy style restaurant that no words or pictures do it justice - so you must see it for yourself. (They also have 3 locations - Las Vegas, NYC, and Los Angeles.)


3) La Esquina


If you are ever in the mood for Mexican food in the city - this needs to be your stop. Whether you want a fast taco for lunch or a sit down down dinner, La Esquina can accommodate you. It's located in the heart of Soho right off of Kenmare Street. Much like B&E, at La Esquina there is more than what meets the eye. At first glance it looks like a cool fast casual taco stand (which it is), but if you make a reservation for dinner there is more than just a taco experience. In the small building, there is a hostess that will lead you down a flight of stairs, through the kitchen, to the coat check, and finally to your table. The exclusivity of it, mixed with amazing tacos and margaritas, will definitely keep you coming back! 



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