Have A Beige Thanksgiving...

Have A Beige Thanksgiving...

As of tomorrow, the holiday season will be in full swing. Thanksgiving is here - with all of the delectable goodness it brings. Bring on the turkey, wine, and pumpkin pie! It’s the perfect justification for a break in our clean eating habits and workout regimens. (Because we’ve needed the justification,right?) We couldn’t be more ready for it.

We think it’s understood that it’s easy to get caught up in the midst of the holidays. From preparing for a visit with the in-laws to making sure the kids are occupied while you attempt to cook a feast (and not burn it) - Thanksgiving can get a tad bit overwhelming. However, this year we’ve decided to try and slow down to savor the moment and taste the wine a bit, if you will. We admit, this is way more difficult than it sounds - especially if you’re anything like us and are the planners of the bunch, hostest with the mostest, and frankly more concerned with everyone but yourself. So it’s time to stop, take a breather, treat yourself, and be present in the moment.

To help you do that, our stylists have put together a list of items we are thankful for this season. These are the items we know will get us all through the holidays with a little more ease and a lot more enjoyment. 


And of course, Happy Thanksgiving from all of us! 

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