Festival of Fashion (with a French twist)

Festival of Fashion (with a French twist)

The holiday season is finally upon is. It's time to break out your decorations, holiday candles, and your favorite recipes in preparation for the month to come. This time of year always flies by - that's for sure. You'll blink and it's January already. It's easy to get burned out in the midst of the holidays - that's why this year we are deciding to slow down and really savor the moment. One of the ways we are doing that, is by giving back.

We have several charities that we are involved with throughout the holidays, and we love the chance to participate in all of them. Festival of Fashion provides the perfect opener to the holiday season, an excuse to get dressed up, and a way for us to give back via CARTI.

Festival of Fashion is one of the many events that are part of CARTI’s Festival of Trees. This year is the 41st annual festival, and the festivities celebrate the resilient spirit of cancer survivors and life-saving services CARTI provides. Throughout the years, Festival of Trees has generated more than 7 million dollars for CARTI's patient assistance program. This event not only provides awareness for CARTI, but it gives the community a chance to come together for a week of fun and giving back.

This event is something we look forward to every year! This year we will be one of 12 central Arkansas boutiques participating in the disco themed event. We are excited to show off some of our new holiday pieces, along with some French inspired flair. We've pulled our inspiration from french disco, french actress Jane Birkin, and french musician Serge Gainsbourg - who was known for his varied music style (including disco, new wave, and funk).

We can't wait to showcase all of our looks! Check out our Instagram tomorrow for live updates on the event, or purchase a ticket for the event here




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