An ode to BYREDO

An ode to BYREDO

Founded in 2006, BYREDO is a luxury fragrance line that has recently gained a lot of popularity across the internet. Their extensive yet individually unique perfumes and scents are the perfect gift for him, her, and them. Minimal packaging and beautifully designed bottles will refresh not only the skin and senses, but it will make your bathroom counter look like a spa.

The line conceives scents using only the highest quality materials available and high-end design details to fuel a renewed approach to modern luxury. The name BYREDO comes from the old English word ‘redolence’, which roughly means sweet-smelling and aromatic. 

Each scent will pique your interest in a completely different way- just as they did to us. The BEIGE team talks their current BYREDO perfume obsessions below:

I normally lean towards a more masculine fragrance but Rose of No Man’s Land pleasantly surprised me. The top note of black pepper creates a sweet and spicy blend that layers nicely with my woodsier fragrances.


My absolute go-to is Bibliotheque. The leather and patchouli notes perfectly mix with peach and plum making this perfume slightly sweet with a musky undertone. It reminds me of some far away paradise from a time long ago- which makes perfect sense because the direct translation means ‘Library’.
I like having a variety of fragrances on my vanity for different occasions or moods. Super Cedar was the perfect addition to my collection, with its woodsy notes that add warmth and a sense of nostalgia with every spritz. The Rose Petal top notes paired with Cedarwood and Haitian Vetiver are the ideal combination of sweet and spicy.
– Emily 
Bal D’Afrique took me by surprise. It’s hard to find a rare scent within perfumes. This is it. It’s refreshing, citrusy yet intriguing. For such a complex scent, it feels light and airy. Byredo describes it best: “A mix of Parisian avantgardism and African culture shaped a unique and vibrant expression.”
– Sara
I love this scent for summer - it feels fresh and flirty. One of the top notes is cyclamen which is a flower mostly found in the Mediterranean. This gives the scent a light and airy essence which is perfect for warmer days. Rhubarb is also present and adds a touch of earthiness so the floral notes are not too sweet.
- Malina


BYREDO is currently only available in-store. Shipping is available- just email us at or DM us via social media to purchase or inquire about our current stock.

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