On a gray Wednesday morning, the bright scene inside BEIGE immediately lifted my mood. Nordstrom’s Dallas team was setting up the Charlotte Tilbury display, which included three makeup chairs and an impressive amount of product in shiny little rose gold pots and jars.
Nordstrom Makeup Station
Nordstrom Makeup Artist
Meanwhile, the scent of the place pulled me deeper where I happily discovered a row of Le Labo bottles and tin candles (that looked like tiny beat-up paint cans). The scent was both familiar and exotic: Santal 33, the brand’s signature fragrance. Sensual, masculine and woodsy, I immediately attempted to identify its alluring notes. I smelled hints of sandalwood, cedar, palo santo and patchouli as well as something lighter adrift, something softer, more feminine, floral, perhaps iris (my great grandmother’s favorite flower). I gave up guessing and started picking up other testers like Thé Noir 29.
For the Charlotte Tilbury portion of the event, we invited BEIGE customers and friends to a free makeup tutorial. The slots filled up quickly, but there was one available so that I could experience it myself. Soon, it was my turn in the makeup chair, and I learned about the products that define the Charlotte Tilbury brand like her Magic Cream. The story goes that Charlotte got her start as a makeup artist working with high fashion models for all of the runway shows. When working backstage, Charlotte would mix up her own moisturizer for the perfect formula that would brighten their tired skin and take the models’ runway look to the red carpet. The secret got out, and everyone began asking for “Charlotte’s Magic Cream.” The name stuck, and now it is available in her full line of products, all of which have treatment in them. This one comes with a unique peptide complex, SPF 15, Vitamin C and UVA filters. It felt super soft and luxurious as the makeup artist smoothed it on, and it contained rosehip, so it smelled amazing. Among the other standout products was the Wonder Glow face primer, a.k.a. “Gisele in a bottle.” (We are sold on anything called “Gisele in a bottle!”) This product added a radiant shimmery effect (without being glittery). I was told you can use it underneath your foundation or on its own for a healthy glow. It also contains an anti-aging peptide complex, so it’s another beauty product and treatment in one. After the full makeover, including eyeshadow, mascara, a bronzer, lip plumper and lip gloss, I was given a checklist of all of the products used, so I knew which ones I may wish to order. (I chose the rose clay mask and “legendary” mascara.) I placed my order on the spot, and the products were shipped to my home in a couple of days – so easy.

Much like the "Gisele in a bottle," the intention of this event shined through. We got to look, touch, smell and sample products we can’t find anywhere else in Arkansas, and it created an opportunity to gather, meet and mingle (enjoy macarons and champagne) in our store. At BEIGE, we invite you to come in and stay a while. For me, this experience was as informative as it was relaxing. I didn’t particularly want to leave, but when I did, I left feeling like a new woman – at least for a day. For more about upcoming events like this one, follow us on Instagram @beige_lr.

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