For this lookbook, we wanted to showcase the basis of our brand. With a new season of our business approaching, it was our desire to capture and and convey the heart and soul of BEIGE. The concept of our store is that our customers simplify the complications of having an overstuffed closet by building his or her wardrobe with quality clothing that they genuinely love- pieces that feel just as good as they look. Our goal of this lookbook is to highlight the items that will help you do just that, ensuring your closet is filled with quality pieces for a quality life.

Here are some behind the scenes moments from EDITION VI! 

S P E C I A L  T H A N K S  T O :

Photography - Caleb Shane 

Cinematography - French Film Co.

Hair - Joey Edwards

Makeup - Alexis Broderick

Direction - Ashley Peeples

BTS - Heather Amaro & Jerry Bailey

Graphic Design - Aaron Stearns